Perfisud – Gravatal Aluminum Profile Manufacturer

PERFISUD, an aluminum extrusion company, supplies his clients with high-quality products. Our aim is to offer the right solutions for our customers’ needs and growing demands.

We offer a wide range of products and continue to expand our portfolio, which has provided us with excellent conditions for growth. We keep focused on the industrial sector, and manufacture high-quality aluminum profiles for application in various industrial segments.

Our plant is located in Gravatal, served by good roads that enable us to place our products on the market. Perfisud is equipped with two kind of extrusion press systems (5-inch and 7-inch), providing us with the necessary conditions to target the most varied market sectors, such as industries, distributors, and construction companies.


Perfisud manufactures aluminum profiles 6,000 mm in length. Custom sized bars can also be made on demand up to 12,000 mm depending on the tool design.

Perfisud - Perfis de Alumínio em Gravatal

Custom projects

Perfisud has a technical team to develop specific profile designs to meet the needs of its clients.

Perfisud - Perfis de Alumínio em Gravatal

Own delivery service

Aiming to improve the speed and quality of product delivery, Perfisud offers its customers a transport system, under some prerequisites.

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Perfisud - Perfis de Alumínio em Gravatal


Our company seeks growth without impact on the environment. Aluminum is an infinitely recyclable material, which highlights the economic, social, and environmental sustainability of this sector. Our company is committed to sustainable development goals.

Aluminum can be recycled endlessly without losing its characteristics, which has made this product highly competitive in all industry sectors. Our company has been structuring its growth with care for the environment, using all its technical and intellectual capacity for that purpose. Recycling aluminum represents a unique combination of advantages, saves natural resources, and provides social and economic gains.

It is with this attitude that our company approaches grow and development, demonstrating our responsibility and commitment to sustainability, generating social benefits for the communities where we operate.

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Own delivery service

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Rodovia SC 370 - KM 170, s/n
Pouso Alto
Gravatal, Santa Catarina, Brasil

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Perfisud - Perfis de Alumínio em Gravatal

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